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Our Serendipity is a comprehensive wellness platform designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Autoimmune Disease community. From recipes and meditation to forums and a marketplace Our Serendipity has been designed as one cohesive ecosystem to help those fighting invisible illnesses to thrive.

About Our Serendipity App

We are the one app that takes a holistic approach to wellness not just by addressing physical health but mental health as well. We strive to be a place of hope and lightness, a place to boost your mood, to bring you peace and optimism and be your home for healing.

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  • Our Supportive Community

    Its in-built daily push notifications keep users motivated and offer suggestions on healthy day-to-day living.

  • Our Physical Wellness

    Members will receive curated anti-inflammatory recipes, shopping lists and gentle movement routines to help people take back some control over their health

  • Our Mental Wellness

    With an aim of improving mental wellness, Our Serendipity provides members with not only daily affirmations to increase positive thinking but guided meditations as well

  • Our Giving Back

    A percentage of all monthly membership fees will go to the Autoimmune Disease Foundation of the members choice to help increase awareness and support research

Why Our Serendipity

Its Our time, not to sit on the sidelines and be a passenger in our health, but instead to be a driver of our health helping to control the destination and Our Serendipity is your partner on that journey

Daily Affirmations

Members can opt in to push notifications to receive daily affirmations to help start their day with a positive mindset

Wellness Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit of recipes, shopping lists, meditations, movement and so much more to help members take ownership over their health

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A safe space for those with Autoimmune Diseases to connect and find support with others in similar situations


A one stop shop for any products designed specifically to meet the needs of people living with Autoimmune Diseases

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